Garden Solar Lighthouse Review


No need for wiring and ease of installation are probably what customers love most about the Garden Sunlight C5116 Lighthouse Garden Décor solar lights. But do you know that these lights also have amber LEDs that provide your outer space the inviting and bright glow? Those features, together, make C5116 a great décor for any garden, yard, and other landscapes around the house.

My today’s Garden Sunlight C5116 Solar Lighthouse Garden Decor review will give you a deep insight into these lights, as well as what I like and don’t like about them!

What We Like

These lights from Garden Sunlight are around 2.5 feet tall and look very cool in the yard. To be honest, they never fail to add charm to outer spaces when the night sets in. The following is what we like about these lights:

Decorative item with nice lighthouse design

First of all, I want to say that I’m fascinated by these lighthouse-designed solar lights from Garden Sunlight. They covered my little house in a nice and vintage way. And now I’m using them for my backyards as a décor and a pretty focal point in this area.

For these reasons, the Garden Sunlight C5116 is really a decorative stuff for entertaining your eyes and offering a cozy ambient glow among different plant beds. You can use it for illuminating every path and walkway. Once leaving them free-standing on the ground, they’re like a delicate lamp post.

Cozier and more inviting glow

Each of the solar-powered lights avails LED bulbs to illuminate the whole area. These will be measured by lumens, meaning that the level of power will be calculated for you.

With an average range of lumens, C5116 produces a soft light and a warm amber glow. Meanwhile, many other lights produce much higher lumens (over 787) for a much brighter light.

Note that the brightness of a solar light would base on the brightness of the sun and the amount of daylight the light could have. Other factors that have effects on solar light’s performance include the photovoltaic cells (made of the solar panels) and the LED bulb’ size. So, as a buyer, you should take all of those factors into account before making any purchasing decision.

Two nicad rechargeable batteries

Having two different NiCad batteries is one of the best things about the Garden Sunlight C5116 Lighthouse Garden Décor solar lights. They can be recharged on a regular basis using their solar panel. Meanwhile, a few solar lights would arrive with some lithium-ion batteries. They allow you to have all the batteries recharged whenever needed.

To make the best of the battery life, you should have the batteries recharged fully before availing them. In case you’re supposed to use the light daily, replace the battery frequently. Also, the life of the battery depends on its power. While the majority is said to last from 4 to 6 hours, some can last up to 9 hours at the maximum.

Detached solar panel with on/off switch

The Garden Sunlight C5116 has one detached solar panel that goes with an on/off switch and one 3-feet cord. You can use them to link the panel to your lighthouse. Aside from that, the extra cord length enables the panel to be put in remote areas of the yard.

Another great thing about these lights is their ability to adjust the brightness with ease. This would allow you to control the light from harsher to softer glow. As being said, a few solar lights even let you make some suitable adjustments as it comes to the light direction.

What we don’t like

If you’re interested in how to get the best look of these Garden Sunlight lights, be free to place them whenever you want: garden, backyard, front yard, or even stairs. If performance is what you care most, be certain to place them in sunny areas when the solar panels are in need of several hours per day for recharging.

But if you want another pair of eyes in the house, you should take a close look at the light’s capability of illumination.

Poor brightness of lighting

Though we love their look, these garden lights from Garden Sunlight won’t offer the excellent illumination. For this reason, they are also not good choices for lighting driveway or pathway.

If you’re searching for a more intense source of light that looks pretty at the same time, you’d better give a spotlight a shot, which is specially designed to lead the brightness onto your stairs and driveway.

Poor range of lighting

The lighting range of garden solar lights is commonly from 1 to 4 feet, but some can reach to more than 5 feet. According to customers, the Garden Sunlight C5116 lights have the average lighting range of only 1.5 feet.

Therefore, if the illumination and the security are merely your targets, then it’s a wiser idea to put two or three lights next to each other, which obviously will lead to the extra cost. Another way is to place the lights in some strategic positions around your assets, but this will reduce the flexibility of the lights.


Do you love to make our garden an envy in the eyes of your friends? If so, don’t look away from these Garden Sunlight C5116 Lighthouse Garden Décor solar lights. They add the gentle and appealing look to your garden and backyard. They’re also CE identified, easy to set up without any wire needed, and corrosion-resistant.

In spite of remaining some weaknesses that need to be improved, these lights are worth their price. Now it’s your turn to give them a try! Let’s us know what you’re thinking about these lights by leaving your comment below. This is my Garden Sunlight C5116 Solar Lighthouse Garden Decor review, and

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