Hyperikon LED Light Review

Hyperikon LED Lights

Reduction of energy consumption and weatherproof are two of the many characteristics offered by the product we are proposing as far as lighting solutions are concerned – Hyperikon LED Flood Light. This model is coming with a range of qualities that aim to enrich the end user experience and daily routine by providing a clear and clean lighting source.

We have been engaging our professionals in the area to test case the Hyperikon LED security light and identify the most unique and cost wise elements.

Thanks to this analytical approach, we can now list and describe you the benefits we are mentioning. Beyond the numerous elements regarding the quality of the product, we need to emphasize the after-sales service support as well.

The relationship with the vendor does not end at the purchase transaction, instead, it extends to a long period after that. The unit is found at a really affordable and reasonable price considering the benefits comprised.

Further on, we will be providing a list of PROS and CONS in article Hyperikon LED Flood Light Reviews to support and elaborate your decision on what the Hyperikon Outdoor Led Flood Light Bulbs is capable of.


  • Energy saving – When we mention the saving aspect we refer to saving literally. The Hyperikon outdoor light bulbs is a 150 watt led bulb unit which is capable of offering a lighting solution equal to the units of 750W. An average estimation would be around 80% decrease in energy costs.
  • Weatherproof – The second feature sorted as per order of importance is weatherproof ability. The Led tools are usually placed in the outdoor environment and because of this, they are subject to different problematic weather conditions such as heavy storms associated with rain. This model is being offered with the IP65 waterproof score that guarantees full impermeability.

  • Lifespan – If you have been looking for a long-lasting solution, this is it. The Hyperikon LED Flood Light ensures a 21 years lifecycle. This has been calculated taking into consideration that the lighting tool will be used for 6 hours per day, every single day for 21 years. Based on our customer experience analyses it resulted that lifespan is really important to the end user. They are always looking for solutions that promise long durability.
  • Brightness – 100lm/watt is all that you will be using to enlighten the darkest spaces of your surroundings. Pure clear and bright source of lightness. Hyperikon Outdoor Led Flood Light Bulbs is actually in the process of patenting the Helios technology. This is the solution which has enabled Hyperikon LED security light offer this model with a solid-state LED technology. The unit colour temperature is 5000 Kelvin with a Luminous Flux of 15000 lm.

  • Battery – free – Having to deal with batteries and frequent replacement is not such a pleasure since once in a while you might run out of stock in the middle of the night.
  • Healthy solution – In comparison to the fluorescent light the Hyperikon LED Flood Light is considered to be saver in terms of health as well.
  • Full pack of features – As mentioned in the very beginning of this review, the unit is offering a full set of features which contribute to the overall beneficial aspects.
  • Product guarantee – Hyperikon is guaranteeing its customers a full coverage for 5 years. Whenever you encounter any issue with your product, contact the vendor and you will be offered full support and a quick replacement whenever needed.
  • Certification ® UL Listed
  • Wattage ® 150 watts
  • Bulb Type ® LED
  • Tool Features ® Instant On
  • Bulb Features ® Instant On
  • Start Up Time ® Instant On
  • Power Source ® Corded

  • Cost wise – We have been closely monitoring the price ranges of this type of product in the market and we have concluded that the price on which this product is being offered is really reasonable. Considering the number of benefits and comparing the unit with other similar products in the market, we can deliberately say that the quality stands beyond the price tag.
  • Multifunctioning – What do we intend with “multifunctioning”? It has been noticed that a number of similar units are conceptualized for outdoor solutions rather than indoor. Meanwhile, the Hyperikon LED Flood Light, 150W (750W Equivalent), 5000K (Crystal White Glow), IP65 Waterproof designers have been taking care in creating a product which would suit any type of room as well. You can perfectly benefit from the bright light of the unit at your office, room or garage.


It is important to make a note on the fact that this product hasn’t evidenced any flaws or lack of service during the review time, but our professionals have taken care to enlist some of the concerns reported from actual user feedback:

  • Weight – Users have reported that the unit weight is considerable and they have encountered difficulties in adjusting the fixture in height spots. The actual item weight is 11.8 pounds, thus you can take measures on how to fix it if you consider yourself unable to do it alone.
  • Complex fixing – Another CONS evidenced is related to the fixing of the unit. Anyways, it is very important to mention that the unit is coming with the instruction paper with all relevant steps in regard to fixing and usage.


If you are looking for a new lighting solution that can be easily and nicely placed outdoors and indoors as well, the Hyperikon LED Flood Light is the right pick. It is weatherproof and energy efficient.

You can save up to 80% on your lighting monthly budget by replacing actual solutions which are 750W capable with a 150w led flood light capable but offering equivalent light coverage with the first.

This is not to be considered as a temporary solution – it is, in fact, a permanent one. The unit life is 21 years with a fair usage of 6 hours per day. Hyperikon led security light guarantees same brightness and quality for the whole period.

Hyperikon Outdoor Led Flood Light Bulbs is also there for a period of 5 years after the purchase moment. If your device will experience any technical issue, the vendor will replace it with a new one. So, not only sales but after-sales as well!

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