Cleaning and Maintenance Tips For Solar Panels

The installation of solar panels as a owner requires you to spend so much in it. And since you will want to derive every benefit possible from your investment, it is essential to make the maintenance of your solar panels a priority. For this reason the tips for cleaning and maintaining solar panels are made available. 

Tips for the maintenance of solar panels: 

  • You should ensure your solar panels are kept out of shade because they won’t be able to produce enough power if they are not exposed to an atmosphere where they can energy from the sun.
  • You must always check the solar panels and the inverters for the blinking green lights. In a case where the green lights don’t blink, you are not getting a good return on your investment because you’re not maximizing the use of electricity.

  • Keep records of the daily performance of your solar panels so as to enhance the maintenance. The things you should record are like the energy that is produced by the solar panel for some particular period each day. You should also observe the cloudy day and take note of the production of energy. Your results may not be totally consistent, but your manufacturer can offer you a good monitoring system.
  • The function of this monitoring system is to allow you to know the benefits you are getting from your environment. Also, you can tell of the amount of gas you are releasing into the atmosphere. Asides all of this, the monitoring system provides you with the information that helps you compare the tariff scheme, so you know how much benefit you are deriving.

  • If you need to know the servicing of your solar panels so that you can track the output power, the information can be seen on a wall-mounted display. The wall-mounted display enables you to know what’s going on with your installation any time you’re home.
  • Another way to maintain your solar panels no matter how busy you may be is proper cleaning of the panels. You don’t need to do it yourself. You can install automated cleaners on your solar panels. These cleaners work like some sprinkler systems and they will blow any dust or dirt that the panels may have accumulated over time. Apart from using automated cleaners, you can create a schedule or have an appointment with companies that do solar panels cleaning. This way you’re sure of a continuous efficiency of your solar panels even while you have no time.

  • All of these mentioned above may not necessarily be needed because solar panels don’t engage any moving parts in the panels, so there may be no rust or break down.

Tips for the cleaning of solar panels: 

  • One of the best equipment to have as a user of solar panel is the solar panel cleaning kits. They are quite useful when cleaning of solar panels is to be done. The cleaning kit contains biodegradable soap, a wiper, and a brush. The brush could be a small one or a long with a handle. You should mix the soap with the water in a bucket to form ladder. You should then dip the brush in the ladder and start wiping the solar panels gently and slowly. If you come across any sticking dirt or dust, you can just use a soft brush to remove them and then wash with clean water.  With this technique you can easily get rid of any dirt that has accumulated on the solar panels. 

  • Before you clean your solar panels, you should ensure that they are in a wet condition or moist. This moisture or wetness makes it easy for you to remove easily the residue of dirt that are in stuck on the panel. 
  • If there is anything you should avoid using when cleaning your solar panel, that thing should be an abrasive sponge or an abrasive soap. The abrasiveness of the sponge can make it scratch the panel glass and this may lead to poor performance of the solar panels. Rather than using an abrasive sponge, you can use a soft rag as well as a biodegradable soap. 

  • Another object you may want to avoid during the cleaning of your solar panels is any harsh object or material. A harsh object can easily break something on the panel, cause a scratch or a more serious damage. And it is very costly to fix a damaged solar panel, so it’s best to avoid damaging it. 
  • By cleaning your solar panels often you will reduce how often you will need to call for maintenance. If you want to be cleaning the panels very often, you can run a hose of water along the panels. This will help you remove the dirt more often.

  • You may want to stand to clean your solar panels from the ground. This is not bad but you have to keep in mind your safety and that of the people around you. In this case you should consider using a long handled wiper to avoid the swaying of the wiper. 
  • Sometimes it may be necessary to clean your solar panels from the roof. It may make the cleaning easier and faster but you should care for your safety while doing this. As you begin to clean, you must remember that water will spill on the roof and it will become slippery; this could lead to a fall when attempting to get down. The best safety measure here is to use a safety rope that will support you while cleaning and even when you are getting off the roof. 

  • One of the best precaution is to be on the lookout for dirt on the solar panel and make sure the dirt don’t build up. This makes your solar panels become more efficient as they absorb sunlight better when they are dirt-free. 

You may be wondering if it is even at all necessary to clean a solar panel. You  should be informed that it’s very important. However, how often you should clean your solar panels depends on the type of panel you have. You may need to consult your manufacturer for the necessary cleaning schedule.

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