Best Outdoor Solar Lights

Outdoor Solar Lights

Solar lights can be useful when it comes to lighting garden path during the night or when you want to decorate your home to look welcoming and bright.

Solar lights charge up when the sun is shining and the stored energy is used at night to light your home. Most solar lights come with solar panels but some have the solar panel separated from the lights. As the solar panel gets bigger, the more the energy is stored resulting in brighter lights. Solar lights come with batteries that last for several years and having them clean is crucial. Residues on the panel should also be removed so that it doesn’t affect charging. The best thing about solar lights is that it gets its power from the sun.

During grey days, charging can be ineffective but it can store a little charge. When fully charged, some solar lights can last up to 10 hours.

Why solar lights?

These lights have come a long way. In the past, these lights were dim and most people didn’t prefer them. However, today the use LED bulbs which are brighter than most lights. The LED bulbs also release less heat which means that it can run with less energy.

Using solar lights gives you the freedom of choosing where you want to place your lights.

There has been a significant improvement in solar cells which led to more energy being stored even during winter, cloudy and in shady areas. This means that lights can still be on during the night in the winter nights. However, they may not last long enough like during the summer.

Solar lighting may be used with motion detection technology for pathway lighting. It can also be used to light up the pathway, add ambiance to your home or for nighttime hazard detection.

Solar lights offer welcome light while beautifying your home. They offer lights for your patio, walkway, and garden. They are also popular for swimming pools, decks, statues, plant groupings or water features.

Types of bulbs that can be used

You can use any type of light. However, garden solar lights have replaced the bulbs with LED lights. LED lights can even last the entire life of that product. LED lights emit light in a particular direction, unlike fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. LED also produce less heat which reduces the amount of energy used.

The use of LED has increased in popularity because of their effectiveness. They can be found different colors.

Solar light choices – There are a variety of options to select from when it comes to solar lighting. You can choose from the following options;

Garden light accents – these lights are placed in places that you want to create attention. It can be around an arbor or wound in the trees. You can add amazing lights in shapes of flowers, birds or butterflies.

Solar path lights – these lights are used to light up the walkway. It can be used in driveways, garden paths or sidewalks.

Solar spotlights and task lights – spotlights and task lights can be the expensive choices due to brightness and versatility for specific needs. It can be used to light up the pathway but they are usually used for water features, house front lighting, and statuary. They come with a separate solar panel for more usability.

What to consider when buying solar lights

You will need solar lights that can serve the intended use. When you are looking for an extra light that can offer security then consider those that shines light over a large area. If you are looking for pathway lights, then go for the lights that can illuminate the path only.

Brightness – different solar lights have different lumens. The 1-watt bulb can produce 20 lumens. This is a low-level light. You can find solar lights with higher lumen rating. When purchasing solar lights, consider the number of lumens.

A number of lights – you will find solar lights that are sold individually and are meant to be placed in specific areas. You will also find others that are connected in strings and can illuminate long areas such as decks, gardens, parking areas and sidewalks.

Batteries – some lights allow you to change batteries when you need to. This can extend the light’s life for a long time. In other types, you will have to replace the light when it stops operating.

Changeable settings – many solar lights come with one setting. Others have an adjustable setting. This means that solar lights can work during the day. It can be useful when you need more illumination or when you use motion detection in places like workshops or garages.

Range – some solar lights are designed for a shorter range such as those used in garden or pathway. Those designed for long-range includes those used for patios.

Solar lights are of different sizes and types. They can be used for patio, garden, and walkway lighting. They are easy to install, flexible and are of wide variety.


A home with a lot of dark corners should have the best outdoor solar lights. You should go for the durable and affordable option when it comes to outdoor lighting. Since you won’t have to connect to electrical outlets, solar lights are appealing to most people.

You can go for functionality instead of decoration. It can be a durable and long-lasting choice. However, there are many choices when you need solar lighting. You should choose solar lights depending on your needs. Apart from saving a lot of money, solar lights are reliable. They also help in conserving the environment.

Since solar lights come in different designs, colors, shapes, and sizes, you will always find the one that meets your needs.

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