Best Solar Security Lights

Solar Security Lights

Home protecting in this modern day gets a lot of support from technology. With a home surveillance system, people can watch what’s going on their territory within clicks on the smartphone. With a motion alert bell, people will know who steps into your lawn and rush to catch if any crime presents.

Today, solar security light is here to reinforce your home security layer. These lights can hang around outside to shine and notify when needed. With the solar panel saving sunray energy, it’s free of electrical charge.

But that’s not all about outdoor solar motion lights. Come with us to learn more about these gadgets and which is the best one you can buy in 2019.

What is a solar security light?

The solar-powered light is a set of lighting construction with a frame enclose an LED inside while connecting to the solar panel to source power. The sets come with hardware to mount into walls, poles, and any flat surface.

Motion sensor solar lights are the advanced improvement whose feature of motion detection is added to the lights to turn them into more versatile, high-tech gadgets.

These LED motion lights have become popular for 5 years so far, and they tend to spread the population of users.

Solar lights are friendly to the environment and also cost-efficient. With the lamps are becoming more common, it drags the price tag to reasonable targeting more users of all classes.

The application of solar motion sensor lights can count the auto shining on the driveway, patio, garden, and outdoor places without having to turn on and off. It gives a security sense of catching suspected movements let the house owners know if there is an unexpected visit.

How solar lights work

There is no need for a wiring system or power outlet for the device to operate. All solar lights equip the solar panels to collect and convert sun energy then keep in its built-in power storage.

The lights can switch off automatically at dawn and stay off after dark. In the meantime, the motion sensor can be triggered when there is movement near the lights and turn on at no command. LEDs can dim down when the motions disappear and turn off after some time. From no light to bright, the transition is null. There are models that integrate alarm can enable the bell if it gets pre-setup.

To get the lights to work, there are some hassle-free installation steps. People usually screw them into high walls or light poles.

Motion sensor types

Solar motion sensor lights vary into three types

Passive infrared

This type detects body heat which registered as infrared energy in confined places. It warms up the sensor to draw a movement grid on the scanned area. If there is any motion across these multiple grid zones will activate the light.

The technology is known in many modern life applications such as thermal imagers, night vision equipment, and high-end telescopes. Most homeowners choose the option to work in tandem with the security system.


MW sensor lights can thrust out microwave pulses to cover a larger area than an infrared sensor. These sent-out microwaves read echo in movements and detect the change in the pattern which will turn on the light.

It can detect through non-metal materials like glass or thin walls giving users more options to install it inside a luminaire or in disguise.

Better than the infrared sensors, MW type has a consistent capability over all temperature allows detection of non-heating objects.

Microwave sensors are not as susceptible as the infrared sensors. They can resist dust and smoke which give an extension to their lifespan.

Dual tech

Lights provided with the combination of microwave and passive infrared are probably the best outdoor motion sensor lights.

While the infrared sensors only detect the presence of heat energy, this hybrid approach makes use of the Ultrasonic technology and Doppler effect to detect indirect motion.

Mixing the advantages of those sensors with the Passive infrared equips the lights the ability to become more responsive, be able to penetrate obstructions, and reduce the occurrence of false alarm that will lower the waste of energy.

Where to mount the motion sensor lights?

For home use, motion sensor lights should cover the walkways where you enter and leave, as well as the driveway. These lights here will turn on to welcome you home at night.

Vulnerable spots such as stairways and swimming pool will also need a mean of auto turn-on light after dark.

For such places as patio or backyard porch, it is best to use light up poles like these iGlow landscape lamps.

To add one more protective layer to your home, you can use lights to cover all the approachable places around the house. That can include the fence gate, back door, darker areas in the lawn, or even around trees and bushes.

Although these sensor lights can’t stop any conspired break-in it can deter the intention by letting the criminal know that you are acknowledged about their presence.

Ideally, it is best to mount the lights above 6 to 10 feet off the ground for wall lamps. This is a productive distance allows the sensors to catch events under them. For decorative lamps, depends on the type, you can drive them to posts, street pole or even on the ground.

The great thing is there is no concern about the electricity outlet nearby since the devices make use of solar energy.

Why you need the solar motion sensor lights

You might have thought a light can’t do much beyond shining, but in modern days, there are reasons to have the best solar motion light system in your home.

Here is why:


Installing solar motion lights in your outdoor benefits greatly not only in giving a convenient mean of lighting but also in deterring strangers to intrude your property.

Imagine you don’t have to locate the switch on the button anymore when it’s too dark. Your driveway, patio, and backyard will be lighted on when you arrive.

Better than that, solar lights don’t rely on any electricity source which is an advantage when there is a power outage.


Solar motion lights are not expensive at all as many have claimed. The cost for a system of outdoor LED sensor lights falls from $100 and up depending on the number of lights in the network, as well as the quality.

Cost saving

In term of saving money, solar lights cut down a significant number on the monthly power bill.

Maintenance for these lights is also at a minimum which may cost zero under warranty. So, it is almost like a one-time investment, but you get more benefits in the long run.


The lights run off of solar power which emits zero pollution to the environment.

LEDs are yet efficient to give off light without using too much power that drains the battery life. This nature work makes a significant contribution to saving the Earth from pollution.

The best solar security light buyer’s guide

There are a couple of primary goals you will need to achieve when buying the best motion sensor light.


The way it looks matters because these lights are not only shining your path but also exterior highlights. It should match the concept of your decoration.

Solar lights nowadays are available in models with constructions can pair with any home style. Security motion lights typically get to mount high on walls come in different sizes too.

Built-in sensor

You should look at the type of sensors inside the lights. Budget people may pick the PIR (Passive Infrared) if you wish for more effectiveness. We suggest anything about hybrid technology. That said, the dual-featured sensor mixed of PIR and microwaves are in many favors.

People may say the type is expensive; slight expensive if that’s what they mean. Once using the dual tech sensor, you’ll know your money didn’t go wrong.


Of course, to withstand the outdoor harshness, the solar should be tough.

The best outdoor security lights with the LEDs should last at least 100,000 hours in its solid-state structure.

Besides, weatherproof is a must to withstand the harsh climate.

Honestly, we don’t see many LEDs go off unless they are artificially damaged.


It is important to be able to adjust the brightness. Many models only come with a single light mode whose flash will strike into your eyes.

You will need the lights to stay on when there are still motions in the place and switch off after a few seconds when the movements leave. Make sure that the motion sensor is sensitive enough to pick up the right motion and alert you correctly.

The best solar security light with motion sensor

We have brought several models to the test and picked out some of the most well-working ones. Take a few minutes to skim through the products. We are sure you will find the right one here.


Probably you might have some questions like most of our readers. Please check out the frequently asked questions below.

How to set motion sensor lights?

A: It depends on which model you purchased, but most common sensors can be calibrated as follow:

Locate the “On-time” button, switch it to “Test.” Wait a few minutes for the device to initiate and scan the position. At this state, you can correct the sensor to your desired direction using the Up, Down, Left, and Right switches.

Find the dial for “Range” or “Sensitivity” to lengthen or shorten the detected zone.

Make some movements in front of the light to confirm the calibration.

Will motion sensor lights work in the daytime?

A: Sounds like it doesn’t make any sense for the lights to be on at daytime. This is also the time the lamps are charging itself. Also, making solar lights on when it still shines doesn’t benefit in any aspect. Manufacturers must have thought of that; so, not until the dark comes, your solar lights prevent activation in daylight.

How often should I replace the battery?

A: The lifespan of the solar battery depends on the time it supplies power to the light bulbs. More use means the faster the drainage.

The best outdoor LED motion sensor light should have batteries last up to 100,000 hours.

How long the lights stay on when it’s activated?

A: This is a flexible configuration. Mostly, people set from one or two minutes for the lights to turn off when the motion goes away. If you think it’s too long for one occurrence and want to save the energy, you can set it down.

Can I set the motion lights to be on all the time?

A: It is possible to override the solar motion lights thought it’s not wise because it drains out the battery very soon. However, you can make the lights on always by switching off, wait some seconds and on again. The lights will stay on.

At the end

Picking the right solar sensory lights is hard, isn’t it? But knowing what we have told you would a lot helpful when you go shopping.

For the products, we encourage you to check out the prices on Amazon and throw the lights to your cart when you’re sure everything is okay. But you don’t have to worry because we have done the tests for you, what’s left is to choose what is in your preference.

Good luck with the shopping and do let us know the one you buy.

Leave a comment below to ask us any question you have not found the answer.

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