How to Choose the Best Solar Lights

Choosing the Best Solar Lights

Have you ever wondered how lovely it is to have sparkling lights bordered on your garden pathways? Did you also know that there is a more cost efficient way to create a galactic design for your front lawn? Whether you have flower beds in front of your house or a hanging garden on your roof deck, it is time to embrace how the best solar lights can make your abode look better.

Solar lights are solar-powered devices which you can use for home decoration. These items absorb sunlight during the day and emit light when night falls. Since they are not powered by electricity, you do not have to worry about cost adding up to your bill. Using renewable resources, they also help save energy and protect the environment.

Nowadays, you will find thousands of products online that will only confuse you. Follow these simple tips and you can find the best solar lights for your needs.

First, decide on how bright your solar light is. Brightness is measured in lumens, which can vary considerably depending on the brand, type, and size of the solar light. Some items have a low light level. For example, 1 watt is equal to 20 lumens. This is only one-half the brightness of an incandescent light. The more lumens a certain solar light can produce, the brighter it is. So if you are looking for the best solar lights to illuminate your pool area, find a product that bears at least 50 lumens so the coverage is wider.

Second, decide on the number of lights. There are solar lights that come in packs such as those used as pathway markers. However, some solar lights come in a single-pack item which you can place in specific areas around your house. Normally if you are aiming for something that you can decorate on your wall, the best solar lights are those with a great number of light bulbs. If your purpose is to secure your house from invaders, you can buy a couple of single-pack solar light and put them in every corner within your vicinity.

Third, carefully check the solar light’s battery. Some solar lights have changeable batteries so when they go off, you can simply replace the battery and have them working again. As with other types, you need to change the light when they stop working. You can find the battery information on the product label, otherwise, you need to check it with a customer service representative.

Fourth, check whether your solar light has a changeable setting. Typical solar lights only have one setting. These types of solar lights absorb solar power during the day and automatically light up when your area turns dark.

Solar lights with dual setting allow you to adjust their functionality so you can use them during the day. This will be very useful especially if you want to save electricity during day time or if you have to keep a motion detection in dark areas of your house like the garage. For all times, choose a solar light with high performing batteries which will last you through the cold, short days of winter, without compromising performance.

Lastly, make sure that the solar light is within your budget. The price of solar lights largely depends on the size, type, and design. Branded items are most like expensive. Smaller solar lights are cheaper but it does not mean they are less durable.  Note that decorative lights are also costly, especially those with colors and themed shapes. If you are decorating, make sure that you have enough budget so you don’t run short of light bulbs.

Today, finding the best solar lights is easier through technology. Online stores offer filter search capabilities that let you search for items base on categories. Features like this can help you pull up items that are relevant to your query. Customer feedbacks will also help you gauge whether an item is good. Sometimes you can find recent advances on certain brands just by reading feedbacks, such as more efficient photovoltaic cells and improved circuitry which will really add up to your criteria of the best solar lights to buy.

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