Sunnydaze Solar LED Garden Lighthouse


Solar-power garden lights provide garden lighting with minimal set-up or maintenance while adding a cute finishing touch to the overall decoration. With numerous brands launched onto the market, it is somewhat confusing for customers to pick out their most suitable garden light.

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Prominent Features of Sunnydaze Solar LED Garden Lighthouse

Decorative Outlook

Among top manufacturers in the high-quality home and garden product industry, Sunnydaze Decor is committed to offering products that bring about a sense of peacefulness and relaxation to your life and home. This solar LED garden lighthouse is no exception to its ideology.

With a nautical inspiration in mind, Sunnydaze Decor designs this lighthouse to add a charming touch to your backyard, patio or any other outdoor space. The lighthouse structure looks like a small-sized lighthouse that you could spot anywhere off the coast. Moreover, the brick detailing and vibrant stripes set the solar light apart from other ornaments in the surrounding area.

Compact Design

With the dimensions of 36 inches in height, 11 inches in width and 11 inches in depth, the product of Sunnydaze surely fits neatly into any garden size without causing obstacles to people moving around. I place it along the sidewalk as a decorative highlight of my garden during the day while lighting up the pathway during the night.

The integration of four solar panels means no need for additional electrical wiring, minimizing inconveniences caused by other cumbersome models. You can place the solar light at any place to your liking without any fear of running a wire through the yard. This can also prevent you from tripping over the wire in the dark. In addition, made from durable resin and metal, this garden lighthouse is lightweight, thereby being such a breeze to maintain.

Built-In Solar Panel

In comparison with separate solar panels, built-in panels provide equal bright light but help to make the whole design more compact. They absorb sunlight all day long to release their stored energy and generate bright light after dusk. Batteries provided by the Sunnydaze can last for a couple of years on condition that you do the cleaning frequently to remove residence on the solar panel.

Each product is equipped with four AA 600mAh 1.2V rechargeable batteries to ensure the uninterrupted lighting during the night. Make sure to place the lighthouse under direct sunlight instead of in the shade so that it can collect sunlight to its full capacity. Once the batteries housed below the solar panel are fully charged, the solar light can light up your landscape up to 6 hours per night.

Easy Installation

The whole process only takes a few minutes. Each package contains four built-in panels as well as rechargeable batteries. Therefore, you can set it up without difficulties. Customers’ review of this brand is mixed, making me feel a little bit concerned about purchasing it. However, when it was delivered to my door, I was pretty surprised and pleased with its high quality. As long as you follow the enclosed instructions, you won’t have any problems with installing it.

Moreover, the packaging is secure enough to prevent parts from breaking into pieces during the delivery process.

What We Like

DurabilitySunnydaze Decor has made great attempts to improve solar cells so that they can store and use emitted daylight well regardless of weather patterns. This means that you will be able to enjoy the lighting in dark winter nights, shady areas or cloudy days though they might not last so long as in the summer.

  • Sturdy construction: The resin-metal material gives the design enough strength to stand the test of time. I count on this attribute to save expenses of maintenance and replacement.
  • Easy to use: All you need to do is to switch the push-button on or off to operate the solar light. Don’t forget to put the accessory under broad sunlight for the best efficiency.
  • Fashionable design: In the shape of a garden lighthouse, this solar light is certain to add a modern but cozy look to the whole outdoor decoration. It has helped to catch my guests’ attention at the very first moment entering my little house.

  • Adequate height: With a 36-inch height, Sunnydaze Decor’s garden lighthouse is likely to create a focal point in any yard, garden, or on the patio.
  • Versatility: This solar light can work well in a wide range of outdoor arrangements, for example, patios, gardens, backyard, front yard, driveways or landscaping features.
  • Two colors: The product is launched on the market with two color options for customers: red and blue stripe. Depending on the way you arrange ornaments in your garden, choose the suitable color.
  • Excellent customer service: Upon purchase, you are eligible to claim compensation for any defects occurring during use. The manufacturer takes pride in providing customers with the utmost satisfaction with its products, which are available in diverse colors and styles. Thus, you can find accessories that precisely blend in with the theme and style of your property’s personality.

What We Don’t Like

  • Dim light: This design may be suitable to light up a small and confined space but not a large and open one, so some customers may find its light rather weak. I recommend replacing the rechargeable batteries for better outcomes. I’ve tried doing that, and the lighthouse runs for about eleven hours with full bright light.
  • High price: Sunnydaze solar LED lighthouse is on average more expensive than other models. However, concerning its exquisite design, steady construction, and flexible use, it is well worth a buy.


When it comes to outdoor lighting, solar lights are the way to go. In the past, I used to go for inexpensive choices on sale at my local garden center but soon got disappointed with their short lifespan. When searching for the best garden light, I came across the product of Sunnydaze Solar LED Garden Lighthouse Outdoor Decor.

Hope that our Sunnydaze Solar LED Garden Lighthouse Outdoor Decor review will guide you through various choices to become wise customers. Don’t hesitate to order a light today and make your garden look more wonderful! Thank you for reading!

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