ZESOL Solar LED Outdoor Light Motion Sensor Reviews

Solar LED Outdoor Light Motion Sensor

Motion sensor lighting outdoor serves in such a way that brings not only desirability to the place but also security alert if an intruder is in the scanned area. With the saturated market of solar motion light, it’s not hard to find a model that works. But wait a minute.

You don’t want to rush into a non-functional item. We have brought many solar LED lights into tests. So, we know the one that stands out. Read through this ZESOL Solar LED Outdoor Light Motion Sensor reviews; you will see why the light is worth the choice of our editor.

ZESOL Solar LED Outdoor Light Motion Sensor Reviews

We’ll walk you through the advantages of the light that convince us to stick it ever since. And although the downsides present, we believe they have ever been an interference compared to the other products in our test.

Let’s move!


The light itself is a unified piece with the light and solar panel. There are 60 units of LEDs promoting a significant brightness for outdoor use. It has hardware included to mount on walls, or any firm platform. We actually tried to pole one light into a stiff post that stands in our garden, and we haven’t found any sign it needs to be removed. If you want to reinforce with extra screws, make sure you pick the pan head sheet metal type.

Out of the box, you’ll have:

  • The All-in-one Solar Light
  • A remote control
  • Assembly accessories
  • Screws
  • A user manual

The enclosure is waterproof rates IP65 to withstand splashes, rain, snow and humid impact. Located in the top middle is the infrared sensor to detect movement.


The solar panel collects energy from and sun and saves it on the onboard lithium-ion battery for use when it passes the dusk. As you don’t need it to work during the day time, it is auto off when it still shines. It comes with 3-mode settings allowing you to control the brightness via remote control.

  • Mode-1: Provides 100% brightness in 30 seconds once motion detected then switched back to 30% brightness when no movement in the area.
  • Mode-2: Off when no movement in the place but turns to 100% brightness and keeps for 30 seconds it detects motion.
  • Mode-3: Light stays constant at 30%.

With the remote, you can also adjust the brightness. These street lights are advertised to live up to 50,000 hours. We guess we’ve already been on a third of the time and realized no defects.


We do appreciate the attempt to keep the light utilitarian but straightforward. It has a square shaped body made of anti-oxidant ABS+ polycrystalline which is proved to be durable in the outside environment.

The brilliant concept of housing packs all features in one unit that only requires one-time installation. Such as design doesn’t come with any wire. Thus, maintaining the device is at minimal. Beside waterproofing, the device also withstands dust making it relatively clean for a long period.

**Note: To get the light to work, you need to TURN ON the power switch for the first time. The remote control doesn’t control this action.


ZESOL lights are widely applicable in most outdoor places. People let these lights shine in their backyard, garden, pathway, and farm. For security mean, motion detection will trigger the lights to turn on and let you know there are visits to your property, both known and unknown identities. Business and school can also install the lights to add convenience to the parking lot and campus. The lighting system doesn’t consume paid electricity thus saving a large number on the bill.

It also adds a versatile lighting concept to the place which will shine only when it needs. Additionally, courtyard, plaza, road, and the park can set up these lights instead of corded lighting systems.


These street LEDs are applicable anywhere under the sky. That said, you only use them outside. The manufacturer suggests mounting the items between 10 to 16 feet. It should work within the temperature ranges from -13F to 149F. At this point, there is no need to worry about the lights getting damaged under harsh weather condition.

Minor downsides

There are not much to say about the drawback. If any, it should be the orange tint instead of the crisp white light and is not as bright as the incandescent. But since the mean of instant lights is for convenience, we don’t take that so serious. One more thing is that the bulbs cast straight beam with a narrow-angle. Also, you may need a hand to help to screw into the base if you’re not confident with this chore.


How long does it take to charge?

A: 4 hours under the sun should fill the solar battery. On cloudy days, it should take about 6 to 7 hours to charge fully and will stay awake all night.

Does the motion detection work at day time?

A: Motion detection only works during night time. It doesn’t make sense having lights on at the day time anyway.

Can I use the light as an indoor fixture?

A: These are floodlights only suitable for outdoor use. It is possible to use inside if located near the sunlight source, but we don’t recommend it.

Let’s get it to shine

We’ve received many feedbacks from real users of this light saying how they are happy with it and will look to purchase more and so forth. You can check out the price on Amazon here and buy it soon before it’s out of stock. If you like our ZESOL Solar LED Outdoor Light Motion Sensor reviews, please don’t keep the good for yourself.

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