RuggedGrade – 120 Watt LED Wall Pack Light Review

RuggedGrade LED Wall Pack Light

This is the ultimate version from DLC. It looks like the designers took the necessary time before launching the new product – a 120 Watt Led light. When it comes to functionality and efficiency there might be found only a few comparable products, which might, on the other hand, allocated in higher price segments.

As far as technology is considered, there are a lot of elements on which the given Led Light might be proud of. Because of this, we will be providing a detailed description of the benefits of acquiring this unit as a light solution, mostly for outdoor purposes.

RuggedGrade history in lights and similar solutions is outstanding, thus, even in the actual case, the mark power contributes to the greatness of the product in terms of quality, comfort and an easy user experience. The manufacturer aims to reduce energy consumption and provide the same quality of light, with LED Wall Pack Lights it has achieved the objectives.

In RuggedGrade – 120 Watt LED Wall Pack Light Reviews to be more specific, you are kindly invited to consult our PROS and CONS sections for a more in deep analysis of the product.


  • High EfficiencyRuggedGrade Wall Pack Light is coming with 120 Lumen and it can fully substitute any similar device working on a 600 – 800 Wattage. What does this mean? It means that you will be able to have the same brightness by consuming less energy than with your actual unit working with a wattage of 600 – 800.
  • Brightness – The unit has been conceptualized with 5000K light colour. This is the type of colour that can deliver a crystal clear light, friendly for our eyes during and after the afternoon hours. The LED light is made of 13,400 Lumens.

  • Acknowledged technology – The manufacturer has devoted itself to producing an outstanding product in terms of reliability, quality and consistency. Based on this, the product has been certified by two of the most impost important entities:
  • UL – Certification represents guarantee of the three above mentioned elements
  • DLC – The Design Lights Consortium for performance (individual verification)

  • 100,000 Hours LED – It is believed to be one of the most long – lasting solutions as far as lighting is concerned. This has been achieved thanks to the commercial approach that the manufacturers have applied to the construction of this unit. Thanks to the aluminium coat produced with Heat Sink the durability of the product is guaranteed no matter where you place it. This is furtherly enforced by the IP65 Waterproof.
  • User – friendly – The unit is made of:
  • 3 duct ingresses
  • Standard circle end point in the back

This approach makes it easier for the user to install the unit without the necessity of further support. Anyways, if you find trouble in installing the unit, support should be required in order to prevent any incidents.

Optional Photocells – The unit can be combined with sensors for Dusk to Dawn. These are otherwise known as “Photocells”. The combination is not a must but can be performed if necessary.

A bundle of technical PROS: – For those who might prefer to self – evaluate the technical details of the product, we are listing them as per below. LED Wall Pack Light is all there, but not limited to!

  • Input Voltage Range: ® 100 – 277VAC
  • Input Current: ®2 – 0.6
  • Power Factor: ® >0.99
  • Efficiency: ® Up to 120lm/W
  • Frequency: ® 50/60Hz
  • Lens Materials: ® Tempered glass
  • IP Rating: ® IP65
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): ® 72+
  • Color Temperature (CCT): ® 5000K
  • Item Weight ®8 pounds
  • Light Direction ® 100+ Degree
  • Power Source ® AC
  • Fixture Features Instant ® On
  • Style ® Architectural LED Wall Pack

  • User experience protection – The unit is being offered in the market with a five years warranty term. You will always be backed up for any incident occurring to your unit during the five years after the purchase transaction has been successfully completed.
  • Specific use – The unit has been especially designed as a led wall light. Considering the commercial nature, you can easily take advantage of this benefit for ensuring your home or business unit with a long lasting led light installed on the wall.

Of course, needless to mention that the unit can be evaluated for a lot of other PROS, but we have considered to enlist only those with major impact in an end user experience point of view.


Specific solution – Because of the commercial grade solution applied, the unit is suggested to be used only for outdoor environment/ purposes. Dimensions and brightness have been designed to fit the outdoors.

Regardless of the detailed test cases performed, it couldn’t be evidenced any specific CONS in regards to this unit. As far as previous or existing customer feedback, we need to emphasize that no CONS could be tracked. Thus the product is considered to be meeting the requirements and/ or expectations.

To be concluded:

RuggedGrade products are found to be really interesting in terms of quality, security and price affordability as well. The company’s main focus is LED lighting solutions. Anyways, it should be mentioned that the company is also present in the Security solutions and this combination of technology requirements has enabled it to come into the market with combined products.

The given 120 Watt LED Wall Pack Light is a great testimonial of such combination – perfect lighting and improved security for your home, office or business entity. As previously mentioned, this is a wall fixture which means it will be in direct contact with cold and heat, but the manufacturer has provided all the necessary materials to ensure the end user with 100,000 hours of light.

If what you are looking for is a smart solution to enlighten and increase safety in your territory we would strongly recommend the commercial approach of RuggedGrade in the ultimate LED Wall Pack Lights.

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