Sogrand Solar Christmas Decorations Light Review

Sogrand Solar Christmas Decorations Light

Do you need an extremely bright solar light that can serve you in many ways? Sogrand Solar light is the way to go. This post cap light is perfect match for Christmas or any other festive decoration. By using this solar post caps light, you have invited a warm and charming ambience into your home; it’s a brilliant way to create an amazing garden.

This is not all about the product; there are many more exceptional features you will find out in this Sogrand Solar 4X4 Post Caps Light Review. Read on to discover what makes Solar Christmas Decorations Light, Post Cap Lights 4×4 Plus wonderful for your home


Clean Energy

If there is one thing why this post caps light is very unique, it would be that it is environmentally friendly. The light is charged by the energy absorbed from the sun, so it requires no external source of power that uses fuel. This fuel-powered source has the tendency of emitting energy that can pollutes the environment. You see why this solar-powered light is exceptional?

Furthermore, it does not require the use of any wire or electricity and it will interest you to know that the light automatically turns on and off.

Extreme brightness

Sogrand Solar 4X4 Post Caps Light uses a super bright 10 Lumen LED for brightening your home as well as protecting your environment. The LED light ensures that there is absolute comfort and convenience in your house. You can easily walk around the house in the brightness of that light as you are sure of effective security. In short, you can stay outside of your door till late in the night without having to worry about darkness may cover the house.

So you can see that the extreme brightness of this solar caps light isn’t for nothing as it offers security for your home

Multi Purpose Use including Decoration

Now, when talking of flexibility of a post caps light, Sogrand Solar is designed for multi functional use. It is not only that the light is powered on an automatic switch but also that you can use it just about anywhere in your home is quite brilliant. The solar post light can be a good fit for your backyard or along the passageway. You can also attach the cap light on a driveway post or just at the front of your house. Wherever you choose to fit the solar post caps light, you are sure of a good decoration even while the safety of your home is maximum.

Post Cap Lights Material

The specification of Sogrand Solar 4 X 4 Post Caps Light is something you will want to consider because it is what shows the efficiency of the light. The main material of this post cap light is plastic; this is to offer durability for the cap light as the plastic cannot rust or corrode.

Beyond the durability, the post cap light is designed to be waterproofed so that the function of the light cannot be interrupted by rainfall. You can see that the purpose and efficiency of the light beat the effect of weather.

Power of the Post Light

Featuring battery capacity of 800mAh and 1.2V, this post cap light offers high and exceptional power that can be rechargeable from the energy absorbed from the sunlight. The solar panel employed by light is also an upgraded design which is of 4V and 100mA.

While the LED color of the light is also very attractive, the lumen flashes by this LED is very powerful; the lumen is usually 10 but the upgraded version of the LED light uses 15 Lumens.

Resistance Against Weather Condition

With the professional design of Sogrand Solar Post Cap Light, no matter how heavy the rainfall could be, the housing of the cap light is designed to prevent water from entering it. This is another unique quality of the light because water can easily damage the cap light or reduce the lifespan of the light. It is not only rain the housing is designed to resist; it can withstand a wide range of weather conditions, which involves rain snow, wind or an extreme temperature which can either be cold or hot.

Ease of Installation

You only need to follow a few step by step procedures of installing the solar cap post light, then it is ready for use. In fact, if you have installed any solar post light before, installing Sogrand Solar Light is no big deal. By removing the isolator cap that is beneath the cap, you can easily fit it onto your post. Having done this, the light begins to operate automatically without any manual touch.


  • The use of this post caps light requires you to maintain and clean it as often as possible. This is because dirt can keep the light from charging fully or interrupt its activation. 
  • As good as you can fit the light just about anywhere in your house, if the light is fitted in an area where it is not exposed to sunlight, the output of the light will be low. 
  • The batteries can only supply one hour of light but by replacing the battery you can increase the light output to about five or six hours.


Having outlined the features of this post cap light, you can now see why Solar Christmas Decorations Light, Post Cap Lights 4 x 4 Plus is considered an indispensable post cap light. It offers sound performance that has made users give it some good rating. However, the post cap light has its own disadvantages such as the battery and the need for sunlit environment, but these cons can easily be worked out. For the battery it can be replaced; for the environment you only need to find a good location for the solar light.

This Sogrand Solar 4X4 Post Caps Light Review has been detailed enough to supply you with the necessary information so that you can make the right decision when you need to acquire a post cap light. A plus is the decorative light which beautify your home.

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