Best Solar Post Cap Lights

Solar Post Cap Lights

Solar post cap lights feature an upright and slim profile which is perfect for driveways, pathways, garden and other places that need specific parameters to move around. Usually, the light fixtures come with an internal bulb that is protected by a frame that offers protection against elements. It is then mounted on a railing, post or fence.

If you want to illuminate a wide area, have these solar powered post cap lights in an elevated position. When you want to lit up all parts of the garden, patio or pool, mount your solar post cap light on railings or tall posts. When the areas that you want to light up are compact like outdoor pathways, then perhaps you should install the solar lights on shorter posts.

Things to consider when it comes to buying solar post cap lights

When you are looking for the best solar post lights for the yard or garden, you will have to remember several factors. Nowadays you can find different designs of solar post caps lights that are available in the market. How will you find the best one from the rest? Here are the factors to consider;

Durability – what material is used to make the solar post lights? Some of these post caps lights can seem to have a metal finish but they are made of plastic. Some are made from stainless steel material. Material like stainless steel can last longer than other materials.

Budget – you should go for those solar post cap lights that are made of metal. Such post lights are resilient.

Weatherproof – consider solar fence post lights that are weatherproof. It should withstand all the harshest weather conditions.

The landscape becomes attractive

When you have a bright light attached to a pole, it adds class to the yard. Having the solar post cap lights on both side of the walk path or driveway could change how the landscape appears. When you want to illuminate the yard, you can intersperse several of them. You can also have one post which offers a lustrous vigil to your home.

Nothing can be more attractive than a soft graceful lighting from a well-designed home. If you want such a special effect, then you have to get solar post lights. You can find certain solar post cap light can be bright than others and you can group them if you want more light.

They are less expensive

Solar post caps lights are relatively cheap and can be a perfect alternative to the electrical lamps. Apart from being beautiful and elegant, they are easy to install. No wires are required and therefore, you won’t have to connect wires from the nearest power outlet. You can place them anywhere you want and the sun will keep charging the battery. Most often people don’t need to hire a professional electrician to help them install. You will always find solar post lamps assembled and the remaining part will be easy for anyone.

Uses power from the sun

Solar powered post cap lights come with a solar panel at the top which absorbs sunlight throughout the day. However, not all solar post lights come with a solar panel attached. The absorbed sunlight is converted and stored in a battery that comes with the lights. During the night, light sensors activate the battery. It relays power to the bulbs which produce light.

Since these lights use sun’s energy, they are eco-friendly. Nowadays most countries encourage the use of renewable resources instead of depending on the electrical grid. When you install solar post caps light, you will be a making a next in ensuring that the environment is kept safe.

There are many styles to pick from

When it comes to the height, you can find posts and rails from 8 feet tall to one foot tall and it can come with different designs. Shorter solar post lights can be placed on outdoor shelves or steps. Picture walking in steps with every other step lit up.

You can also find solar caps light for existing posts. This can be ideal for replacing old outdated or non-working electric lights. The replacement lights can be fitted with rounded base and fasteners when installing on existing posts. The solar post cap lights will help you get rid of the old light fixture.


These post lights can a perfect addition to the home’s security plan. When you have more lights in your home during the night, your home will be safer from burglars and trespassers.


After we have seen the benefits of installing solar post caps lights, at least you have known that you can save a huge amount of money. You can also save a lot of energy. All you have to do is install solar power post cap lights in your business premises or home.

Installation is easy since you won’t have to connect electrical wires unlike when installing electrical lamps. You just have to mount the lights on the post. Nothing is required after that since the sun will keep charging the inbuilt batteries. Lights will also be turned on automatically. The stored energy will then be used to illuminate your garden or driveway. But when looking for the best solar post lights, make sure that you choose the brand made of durable materials and good quality. Ensure that they can withstand all the weather.

The best solar post cap lights are fairly affordable and extremely handy. They are also eco-friendly. It can help in reducing the cost of electricity. You have to know that solar post lights come in many different designs and different prices and if you have never bought one before, it can be difficult for you to get the perfect one for you.

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