iGlow 6×6 Post Caps Review

Are you looking for a lighting system for post caps? You’re at the right article. We’ve got our editor’s choice to glow the exterior in an elegant way with the iGlow solar post cap lights 6×6. The lights not only bring a convenience it means to have but also the exquisite breeze that gathers compliments from our guests. Check out the iGlow 6×6 post caps reviews below. We provide everything you need to know about the product as well as our real-world user time with them.

Take your time to read through what you deserve to know.

iGlow 6×6 Post Lights Reviews

These light stands are among the solar lighting devices we set up on our post caps, fence before house.

They exhibited well-functioned gadgets that add spotlights to your outdoor living space.

Find out what makes these iGlow guys the top in line.

Structure and features

iGlow fence post caps 6×6 have the enclosures made of PVC vinyl resembling the outfit of wood.

Plastic makes the gadgets waterproof to stand either in your patio, fence, or post caps outside.

It requires no wiring to operate. With the solar panels, it gathers sunlight and converts to electricity during the day time. The devices will automatically switch on at dusk and stay bright until the sun comes up.

On the bottom of the base, you can find two holes allow mounting on flat surfaces. This is for those who’re looking to install via the sides of the lights.

With the top removed, you can connect the base to other types of posts.

**Notice that the base measures at 6 inches that only fit the corresponding size posts.

Most amazingly, you can twist the top to pop it out to locate the manual switch inside.

You will also find here one LED light bulb, and one cavity for a rechargeable AA battery. This pre-installed 3.2V Lithium-ion power source can stay up to 3 years before replacing.

The lights feature an auto dusk-to-dawn operation that turns on when it gets dark. The cap houses one piece of bright white SMC LED bulb advertised to last over 100,000 hours.

It provides a brighter illumination sufficing adequate lighting for your outside thanks to one reflector inside to amplify the light.


Beside the vintage bronze, these iGlow 6×6 post lights are available in 4 different color schemes to match any of your decoration.

When standing on the posts, these lights shine their appealing looking with illumination emitted from the trenching patterns.

We had these installed on the deck where kids enjoy running up and down the stairs at night.

Many suggestions claim that the lights match too well for any type of pool. If night swimming is your main draw, let these lights stand on the posts serve you.

Otherwise, welcome them on your porch, driveway, backyard or anywhere you like it to be.

Easy installation

To mount one light on the post, you will need to snap out the cap to have clear access to the screw holes.

Settle the unit on the post and drill in the provided hardware until you feel it firm. The task should be a low-to-no heavy-duty burden; anyone can get it done.

If you’re going to place these things into cement, you’ll need to position four rawlplugs to secure before screwing in.


These iGlow solar post caps lights may require some cleanup for they stand against the weather.

You may want to check out the lights once in a while to make sure the solar panels still function. Too many dust on the glass can cause unexpected defects.

The product comes in waterproofing. So, there are no worries about rain or snow. However, there may be drops in the crevices. To avoid this mess, you can check on the lights after rain.


The price is not a bad deal at all. With less than sixty bucks, you’ll get four pack of the iGlow 6×6 lighted post caps.

Finding such high-quality features in this budget range is hard. We did our best to sort out many higher priced products but sook no satisfaction as in this iGlow brand.


These gadgets sure bear some drawbacks with it. Although the minus points are in single figures, you may want to know.

As long the housing is from plastic, the sun damages it. A few users reported they found hard-to-see creeks on the surface but luckily, we haven’t seen any on ours.

Plastic could look cheap, but the manufacturer has blown a high-class finish on the lights making look exquisite just like any expensive solar post lamp.

We got one light intermittent after the first day installing while the others worked like charms. If you meet the same situation, call the support center. They are just happy to send you a new light.

At the end

We reckoned there are not many solar post options available on the market. Budget solar post lights are even rare.

That said, it’s likely that these iGlow lights may go out of stock very soon. Buy now while they are still online.

So far, we’re quite happy with these iGlow buddies on our driveway. None of them have shown any serious defects.

Hope this iGlow 6×6 post caps lights reviews has helped you to make up your mind. If you like to BUY this product, check price iGlow solar post caps lights 6×6

Hope this  has helped you to make up your mind to hit the BUY button now.

Do let us know your experience with these lights and look forward to our future posts.

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