Classy Caps SL086 Prestige Review

Introduction classy caps sl086 prestige solar post cap lights 6×6 review

If you are looking for a post cap light that combines fine appearance with performance, this classy cap is not called “prestige” for nothing. This light has so many exceptional features that have made it outstanding over the years. This feature includes three high output LED lights and two long life replaceable NiCad batteries.

It is not only designed to withstand considerable weather conditions, which makes it durable but also it is quite clean and environmentally friendly. Each and every brilliant feature of this post cap light will be clearly detailed below, including the ease of installation. You’ve not heard it all; read on to discover what makes the light the best for your home.

PROS of the CLASSY CAPS SL086 PRESTIGE 6×6 Solar Post Caps Light


Featuring battery capacity of 120 volts, three high output Led lights with bright lumens, two long life rechargeable batteries, you are sure of getting enough performance from this post cap light.

Its solar panel draws energy from the sun during the daylight and at night it converts the energy into power for the post cap light and then it brightens your home.

The LED lights have full lumen to ensure that every corner of your home can be seen clearly just as daylight. The performance output is so high that your home can be lit for up to 12 hours on a single charge.

Furthermore, the light automatically comes up and then switches off without you controlling it. This makes the operation of the solar post cap light very easy. In addition to that performance, it does not require the use of any wire or electricity; and that means while you get the best out of your cap light, the environment remains neat.

Fine Appearance

With a finished high quality electroplated copper, the post cap light is very stylish and adds more beauty to your home. By installing it in some strategic positions at your home, it will not only bring you light at night but also adorns your house.  The 6X6 copper post caps light SL086 is fashioned to fit the wood post perfectly with moderate opening tolerance.

Environmentally Friendly

As it was mentioned earlier in the introduction, Classy Caps SL086 Prestige 6×6 post solar lights is designed to be very harmonious with the environment. This is because it uses no form of fuel or gas and there are no exhaust gases to pollute the environment. The only source of energy for the post cap light is the sunlight and this annuls any reason to have a contaminated environment, unlike the sources of energy that rely on fuel. So you can see why it is wise to consider this kind of light.

Easy to Install

Apart from the stylish design and durability of this post cap light, it is also very easy to install. It combines every of its excellent feature with a do-it-yourself installation. There are only a few procedures to follow when installing the 6×6 post cap solar lights, then it is ready for use.

In case you don’t know, the significance of this easy installation is that it does not cost you any money to fix and also, for the fact that 6×6 Solar Post Caps Light: Classy Caps SL086 Prestige has high durability and doesn’t require maintenance every now and then, you have no worries after installing it once.

If, on the other hand, there will be a need to keep maintaining and cleaning the solar light, you can easily remove the post cap light and fix it back after cleaning—all by yourself.

Resistance Against Weather Condition

It is true that the number of hours the cap light stays on depends on some other parameters. This includes the location of the post cap light and its exposure to the surrounding, the weather condition of the location, and most importantly, the amount sunlight that reaches the place where the panel is installed.

For instance now, you won’t get the best out of your 6×6 post lights if installed in an environment where sunlight doesn’t reach that much. However, this Classy cap prestige solar post cap lights 6×6 is housed with materials that can fight against bad weather as well as prevent the cap light from being disrupted by rainfall.

This housing is designed in such manner because water can easily damage the cap light or reduce the lifespan of the light. It is not only rain the housing is designed to resist; it can withstand a wide range of weather conditions, which involves rain snow, windy or extreme temperature that can destroy the panel.


  • The 6×6 post cap lights cannot be mounted anyhow; you need about 3 inches high post above the rail.
  • The caps used with the post light are basically plastic. It may not be so suitable to fit in an expensive mansion. However, the electroplated copper that covers the plastic still makes it appealing enough to beautify the house.
  • On a cloudy day, the batteries may not get charged enough to brighten the home at night.


The features of this Classy Caps SL086 Prestige 6×6 Solar Post Caps Light have been properly outlined and discussed in detail in this review. By now, you now have better knowledge of this post cap light than before.

This will help you have a comprehensive background information of the post cap light before purchasing. By reading the pros, you know what to expect of the light and also, the cons tell you the shortcomings you are likely to encounter when you purchase the product.

However, the performance of the 6×6 post solar lights is excellent enough for you to consider purchasing it. The LED lights are bright, the batteries last long and in case there is a need for change, they can be replaced; also, the 6×6 copper post caps light is a perfect match for the environment—from both the wireless operation and fine appearance. All you need to get the best out of this prestige cap light is to find the best location to install it. Enjoy!

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