Smart and DIY Solar Landscape Lighting Tricks

Owning a house with a front or backyard is great. You are ensuring yourself and your family and kids a wonderful and spacy environment where to spend afternoon or weekends time; you can have your barbeques with friends or organize open door parties and events. It is all perfect until you start thinking about the lighting issues and relevant maintenance required time after time.

When you start thinking about how many things you have to consider in order to achieve a wonderful and sparkling lighting system, it might sound really hard to be self – managed, or rather expensive when considering to hire someone.

Anyways, as we have felt the pain of many fellows like you, we have gathered a number of tricks and easy – to – use tools that will help you take care of the solar landscape lighting system.

What is the point of owning a yard without proper solar landscape lighting, right?!

Here we are with the things to do and the ultimate PROS of doing it yourself.

  1. Get rid of dead or unnecessary plants.
  2. Fix the fixtures
  3. Re-organize
  4. Clean your lighting system
  5. Cover the exposures
  6. Bulb replacement 
  1. Get rid of dead or unnecessary plants.

When we consider landscape maintenance it means that we are dealing with the outdoor environment. There might be hundreds to thousands of plants in your yard that can dangerously interfere or interact with the lighting system. That said, the very first thing you can do to improve the landscape lighting yourself, is getting rid of dead plants. Becoming drier and losing their freshness, these plants can be prone to heat because of the lighting system.

Apart from the risk, cutting off the dead plants contributed to a better light distribution and a fresher overall appearance of the landscape. Why doing it yourself? The PROS of getting rid of the unnecessary plants or branches are a lot considering the cost and spiritual effectiveness as well. Who knows better than you which are the important trees or plants in your yard?

  1. Fix the fixtures

Depending on the type of lighting system you have had installed at your landscape, it is vitally important to check for any possible damage occurring in the fixtures. It might be due to corrosion or broken parts because of environmental conditions.

The PROS of doing this process yourself is that you will have to pay only for the products, meanwhile, the service will be covered by you. Changing or fixing lightning system fixtures is easy, just make sure you have unplugged it!

  1. Reorganize

As the solar lighting system for landscape might be located through a living organism, such as trees, brushes or branches, it might be logic that time after time you have to change the position of the fixtures.

Because of branch might become large or because of a tree might lose its strength, you will need to find a new position where to settle your lighting fixture. Reallocation might be necessary even in those cases when the fixtures are found in the house walls. Because of consumption, outdoor insects and other elements, you will have to find a better position for the fixture.

The PROS of doing this yourself might be granting you the possibility to add a personal feature to the landscape and possibly make it look as renewed. Changing the fixture position can sometimes grant a new outlook to the whole lighting system. Just think about the hundreds of combinations you use when settling the Christmas tree lighting bulbs!

  1. Clean your lighting system

But what and how? Well, your lighting system is exposed to rain, wind and other environmental phenomena depending on the area you live. Have you ever risen up your head and seen a number of insects inside your outdoor lamp? What about leaves down from the trees and pollution from the wind. These are only some of the debris elements towards which your lighting system is exposed. Once you start removing and cleaning the whole landscape lighting, you will notice that it will look newer and more sparkling than ever before.

Doing it yourself will ensure you some hours of physical engagement and will also provide you with the opportunity to check for necessary maintenance or defective bulbs that need to be replaced.

  1. Cover the exposures

During cleaning up the system, you can evidence exposures. They can deliberately be considered as one of the most important elements when taking care of the solar landscape lighting systems. Because of long exposures to the sun and/ or other weather conditions, the cables of the lighting system might get damaged. Once the plastic coverage has been damaged you need to take immediate actions. What can you do? Depending on its location or the type of fixture you are using, you can either isolate it using a qualitative isolative material, or you can cut the damaged area and join together the healthy cable parts.

As mentioned in the beginning of this paragraph, this exposures coverage is one of the most critical elements. Thus, you need to make sure that it is properly adjusted and most of all, you have the right abilities to manage it yourself. Otherwise, kindly call the nearest electrician in the area to be safe.

  1. Bulb replacement

Sometimes people replace the bulbs not only when they are damaged or not sparkling as they once were able to, but also when they want to change the atmosphere. Let’s assume that the bulbs you are using now are transparent and fully bright, but you want to make the atmosphere around your landscape warmer. You can replace the bulbs with red coloured ones. Magic will happen immediately!

All these tricks are contributing to the general information one needs to possess when having installed a landscape lighting system and prefers to maintain it himself. But which are the PROS and the CONS?


You have the opportunity to enjoy physical engagement in nature by doing something constructive

You will not have to spend large amounts of money for the services necessary to be done

You will be able to select the plants you want to keep and get rid of the unnecessary ones yourself.

Your home, your lighting system, your contribution!


Because of lack of experience, one might fail in properly accomplishing the task. In such cases, we strongly advise calling the nearest electrician.

Things to consider!

Dealing yourself with the solar landscape lighting system is a challenge, no matter ones’ experience in the area. Because of this, we want to emphasize that there are a number of products and tools you need to have at your garage, before engaging yourself in this activity.

Have you ever considered anti–corrosive liquids, metal cleaning cloths, bulb cleaning solutions, sockets and other necessary products? Of course, you have! It is now time to select the best of them coming from the most awarded and trusted brands in terms of lighting systems (indoor and outdoor).

Each of the products is associated with the respective instruction paper that has to be carefully read before applying the product in the lighting system.

Once you are set in with the complete list of tools, there won’t be anything to challenge you caring about your solar landscape light system and granting it a fresh and bright appearance.

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