TomCare Solar Path Lights Review

TomCare Solar Path Lights

Solar lighting is undoubtedly the future as it is sustainable, environmentally friendly and particularly beneficial. This is something that you ought to keep in mind. If you are looking for a solution for your outdoor pathway, the TomCare Solar Lights might be exactly what you are looking for.

There’s quite a lot of different things that you would have to keep in mind when looking to purchase solar lights. Their capabilities, designs and overall performance is different and that’s why you need to be well aware. We are here to provide you with one of the best options on the market. After our TomCare Solar Path Lights Review you would see why this is a great option for your patio.

Of course, as it is with everything, there are pros and cons associated with the product, so let’s have a look.

The Pros

Splendid Flame Design

If there is one thing that you need to be looking forward to when purchasing a lighting solution for your driveway or path in the patio, it’s the design. After all, this is something that ought to compliment the overall appeal of your entire outdoor and make sure that it looks awesome.

This particular solution comes with a specific design resembling dancing flames. These are LEDs which are placed in a safe as well as soft and moon-enhancing glow shape. The overall height of each item in the set is 32.6 inches – this is something that you might be curious to find out. There are four units in the kit.

Completely Independent

This is also something that you need to keep in mind when it comes to it. Looking for an energy efficient solution is undoubtedly one of your main priorities to consider and you ought to take it very seriously.

With this said, this one will never require you to purchase a single battery. It runs entirely on solar power and it is going to collect the solar energy throughout the entire day. Then, when everything is handled, it will turn on automatically at dusk.

The light runs on solar power and you can easily place it wherever you want. This is also something that brings additional benefits. For one thing, the fact that you can place them everywhere means that you can define your pathway and driveway the way you see fit. This is something of serious importance.

Long Working Time

Now, technically, this light could run out of power. However, it is going to take it 12 hours to do so and it will recharge in no more than 8 hours of collecting sunlight. In other words, the cycle is quite convenient and it’s highly unlikely that you will ever run out of juice.

They are weather resistant

This is also something that is quite important. The solution is very durable and it is waterproof. It is capable of withstanding a range of different weather conditions throughout the entire year. You don’t have to worry about freezing temperatures or very hot summer heats – the lights are going to function just fine.

Of course, it would depend on the way you install them. Even though installation is particularly easy, it is important to make sure that you cast them properly into the ground so that they do not move during high winds and other challenging conditions of the kind.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of advantages which are associated with the usage of the product. This is definitely something that you want to account for. Now, to stay fully objective, let’s have a look at the cons.

The Cons

They are not as powerful

Now, the truth is that the dancing flame design is undoubtedly something that you are most likely going to find very attractive. It is beautiful and interesting and it does add a certain twist to the entire thing. It is also quite charming. However, it’s not very powerful.

If you are looking for something that’s going to ornament your driveway or pathway, this could work brilliantly. If you, however, are looking for something to provide proper lighting, this is unlikely to get the job done perfectly – this is something that you ought to keep in mind.

They are a bit more expensive

Now, this is an entire set which is going to come at $79,99. Even though it represents a serious discount from the price, it is also important to note that these are just 4 units. This means that one of these is going to cost your roughly around $20 which is definitely not the most affordable solution that we have seen.

Of course, keep in mind that this is a rather high quality and the performance capabilities of the solution are a bit improved. This probably justifies the asking price.


With all this being said, it is worth noting that if you are looking for solar-powered path lights, this could easily do the job as per your highest expectations.

The TomCare Solar Lights for Patio Driveway is convenient and it is very easy to install. There is absolutely no need for you to go ahead and wire the entire thing as absolutely no wires are necessary at all. All you need to do is pick up the spots where you want to place those, dig a tiny whole or just push them into the ground. That’s what’s going to get them all set and done.

These are convenient solutions if you are looking for ample lighting in your backyard. They are designed to define pathways and driveways and are doing a great job for it. Of course, you can’t really expect top notch performance at this price point but it’s worth noting that they are quite over performing when it comes to it.

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