Brilliant ideas on solar pathway light projects

Lighting systems’ purposes are very wide. You can install a landscape lighting, a pathway lighting and even a roof lighting or neighbour lighting. Apart from the visibility impact the lighting system has, it can serve other purposes as well.

We are going to discuss the pathway light functions and possibly easy to do projects and tricks one can implement himself at home. With a small budget the and good will you can achieve great results that will add magic and splendour to your pathway.

The top main functions of a pathlight system.

Why should we light our pathway? To enjoy the view from your top roof window? To create a romantic outdoor space? These might be sound reasons as well, but there are lots’ of other reasons why lighting your pathways is suggested more and more.

1. Protective measure
2. Show the way home
3. Do not step on the plants
4. Add a bright touch

Let’s have a look at each of them one by one.

1. Protective measure

We are living in times when the lack of resources has become the main stimulator of crime and theft. If you install a lighting system in your home pathway, chances for getting in the target of thieves will get lower.

It is evidenced that the greatest percentage of home thefts are happening in those cases where there is lack of lighting or visibility. You will also have the opportunity to check yourself if any unattended presence is in your pathway or landscape thanks to properly installed lighting system.

2. Show the way home

Think about the moment when you are about to enter a friend’s home for the very first time, but everything is dark. You are not able to understand whether you should go straight, left or right. This is the moment when encountering the importance of a pathway lights.

If you install a lighting system in your pathway, it will be easier for anyone coming to visit you to follow the right directions to your entrance door or parking area. You will also avoid getting out in the cold to provide directions, the lighting system will do it for you.

3. Do not step on the plants

Usually, the pathway areas are made of plant compilations. This characteristic application adds to the general landscape environment colours and vitality. But, think about complete darkness and children or guests playing around!

They will not be able to differentiate the areas where they are stepping on. Thus, in order to protect your plants from getting accidentally destroyed, installing a pathway lighting system would be a great solution for the afternoon hours.

4. Add a bright touch

It is the last but certainly not the least! When you own a private house with a garden, a path and yards you have the opportunity to add extra features to it. You can install benches, tables, a special area as a “Kids Zone” and other instalments that might fit your living style and family.

But, all of these areas need to be light in order for you to gain maximum pleasure in the afternoon hours when kids are off of school and you have turned back home from work.

Pathway lighting will grant a fantastic appearance to all the above-mentioned instalments by emphasizing the most important objects to you and your family members.

How can you run a simple solar pathway light project?

a). Design

b). Automatization

Design – The most important element when you are considering to add pathway lighting is design. If you have already installed a landscape lighting, make sure to use the same design for the pathway as well. This will contribute to building a unique system and outstanding appearance in the meantime.

Automatization – Technology has enabled almost full automatization for all types of systems. Lighting system included as well. There are different features that you can acquire with a small investment.

• Sensor lights
• Timing mechanism
• Central lighting
• Solar powered lights

Sensor lights – This is a great solution in terms of energy saving. It implies that the lights will be on only when the sensors will evidence movement in the territory. Otherwise, the lights will be off. This type of solution can be implemented only in given cases, depending on the territory. In some cases when the areas are considered with high risk for theft, this solution is not suggested.

Timing mechanism – Just like in any other case, the lighting system timing mechanism will provide you with the opportunity to set the desired timing for the lights to go on and off. This is another option that has been conceptualized based on the need to save energy.
If you apply this mechanism you will not risk keeping your pathway lights on during the day when you leave for work. They will immediately switch off at the established time.

Central lighting – If you do not want to apply fixtures around your house, trees or other objects dear to you, another solution you can go with is the central lighting. You can apply high lamps in those positions that are able to distribute light evenly in all the outdoor surrounding. This solution is considered to be time-saving and cost efficient as well.

Solar powered lights – This is the case when you want to go for the eco-solution. The solar-powered lights are found to be resistant and also attractive at the same time.

Regardless of the solution that fits your needs, you will have the necessity to acquire several tools and equipment for the implementation of the project. We strongly encourage individuals who want to apply the project themselves, thus we can support you with the solar pathway light project by providing the necessary advice based on experience. Our experience is vast – we possess the most outstanding design tools, fixtures, and state of the art mechanisms for timing and automatization.

We aim to your consultancy source during the project implementation. We will get to know your outdoor environment and only after we will encourage and drive you towards the perfect solution for your pathway lighting.

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