Solar Powered Crackle Glass Ball Garden Lights

How many times you looked at your garden after dawn and wished if it could have been more lively? The secret is in the lighting effect.

There are solar garden lights available to blow a nostalgic vibe to the places. They give an enchanting breeze making your outdoor area a party hotspot while saving all means of expenses you need to spend for corded lightings.

The Solar Powered Crackle Glass Ball Garden lights are among those best lights you can install to swap your backyard into a centered site.

Discover what is behind those things to make it favorable items in many gardens.

Solar Powered Crackle Glass Ball Garden Lights Reviews

Outdoor lights that make use of solar technology has been a trend in lighting shopping. The solution gives not only a cost-saving but also an eco-friendly system required one-time installation.

Solar Powered Crackle Glass Ball Garden light, through our tests, have all the features you need to stand proudly in your backyard elevating the scenic view after dark.


You will receive a set of three light spheres using a classic mix of iron and glass that can change to 7 different vibration colors. The box includes:

  • LED lights
  • Manual
  • Solar-charged battery
  • Solar panels
  • Stakes

The glass crackle balls accommodate LED illuminations mounting on thin metal poles with the solar panels to open below to collect energy during the day time. There are stakes at the bottom to stick into the ground.

Inside there is a high-capacity 1.2 V 300mAh NiMH battery that saves the power to come to life after dark.


Lights are not only about illuminating but also a mean of decoration.

The effect from these crackle balls comes from the LEDs which light and cycle through yellow, green, purple, pink, orange, blue and red promoting the charm in its location.

Like any solar light functions, these items have the small solar panels to gather sunlight energy under full sun and store it in the pre-installed battery. The charging time only takes 5 hours to complete an entire cycle. On a cloudy day, it may take longer to charge fully but won’t exceed 8 hours before the dark comes.

The full energy collected should allow the lights to shine up to 8 hours.

The stakes used to plant the lights into the soil are from rust-proof iron that promises to last longer in the dirt.

Clear glasses not only give the lights an exclusive elegance but are also durable enough so as not to crack or chip under the outside environment.

Staying close to mother-natural is not an interference to the lifespan of these LEDs that will serve you at a whopping 100,000 hours. Not only that, you have them qualified the RoSH and CE for the highest production standard.


The landscape lights are made to blend into any exterior style with its slender poles holding heavy glass balls of water-resistant bodies to withstand the weather.

These globes are not in any color whereas the light bulbs enclosed will do the lighting duty.

What steals the show is the chink lines randomly cover the crystal-like surface giving it an exceptional effect that will never goes tedious.

The light cycle effect adds an enchanting ripple of gorgeousness to anywhere you install the lights.

Where to install the lights

Feel free to set up these LED balls in spots that will charm up out outdoor space. During the day time, don’t place them under shades so that they can recharge the battery.

Your garden is a perfect location to make these lights centers whether to add vividness to the tranquil view or to deliver the vibrancy to a BBQ party on a summer night.

The pool is also the place where these LEDs will illuminate their gloss. Position the lights around your outdoor pool will make night swimming more of an excitement.

How to install

Using these Solar lights can’t be easier. With the compartments are partially assembled, you will need to stick in the bottom pike. The rest is just a matter of driving those stakes into the ground. The only that may need your interference is to make the dirt soft enough to pike it down.

What’s great is that you can always remove its location to another to spark up different hot spots. You only need to make sure the battery is full before the sun goes down.

Maintenance and warranty

The whole unit is waterproof while the iron stakes are rust-proof. These lamps have a high climate resistant level that you never need to care if they get defects from outside harshness. Maybe giving them a dust clean up once in a while would be a good treat.

These lights are the excellent bang for the money as you have 30 days using the products with a full-return guarantee.

The good news is all products from Solario come with a lifetime warranty. In case you need any replacement, it is for free in term of factory faults.


We are not sure where to find the drawbacks of such items while everything is already in excellent quality.

If any, we would say it is the stakes that look somewhat flimsy due to its slenderness. But as soon as we haven’t recognized any bend-over during the time of use.

The final lines

Solario has thrived their best to deliver such a premium-quality set of solar lights in an unbeatable price tag.

The company also have a great customer support team ready to help and replace your reported items at a rapid rate.

Wait no longer and check out the set now. The best price is now on Amazon and is likely to be out of stock soon. Don’t miss the hit today.

Thank you for reading and please look forward to more cool home solar equipment on our site.

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