Looking for an additional light with which you can adorn your home? Or rather, do you want to improve the security of your house? Outdoor lightings are perfect for this. There are a whole lot of outdoor lightings but solar post cap lights seem to be topping them all. These post cap lights are fashioned to meet your lighting needs. If you intend to spruce up the design of your fence, post cap light is perfect for that, and guess what? It requires no wiring or will surely not dig your pocket.

It will interest you to know that there are many post lights available, but we’ll be reviewing one of the most fascinating post lights. This GreenLighting Solar Post Cap Light reviews is detailed enough to provide the information needed about the product.


Versatility of the Lights

This cap light offers versatility as it can be used for decoration, fence or for brightening the passage. This cap light works regardless of the post materials or size. There is an adapter that enables you to design your properties whether wood, PVC, or any other plastic post. That’s not all; for the base included in the cap lights, 5”  lights can be fitted into 4” posts. This shows that the lights are very flexible to use. 

Ease of installation

With the adapter and installation accessories parts, these cap lights can be fixed without effort. You are only required to retort the base adapter and then screw it into your light post. In addition, there is an automatic on/off switch that activates and deactivates the lights. You can see that it saves you the stress of having to go up there and control the lights each day.

The Presence of LED Lights

Who doesn’t desire LED bulbs as a source of light? This is because LED lights have far greater performance and can last longer than the common fluorescent bulb. Besides the performance of the LED lights, they emit less heat to the environment when compared to the traditional bulb that increases the cost of air conditioning needed to cool the room.

Solar Power Source

Featuring an amorphous solar panel, GreenLighting solar caplight has the capacity to absorb light from the sun during the day. This power absorbed recharges the two 900mAH batteries which will later provide power for the post lights at twilight when the sun sets. This feature is made to ensure that you don’t need to start setting up another power source for the lights, which will be costly anyway. Also, by using these cap lights, you won’t have to be removing and installing the batteries when they run out.

Environmentally Friendly

The use of these solar post cap lights does not require any attachment like electrical wires or any other source of power in form of attachment. This offers you the clean environment and you’re sure of no fuel that pollutes your surroundings.

Power Mechanism

The system of operating Greenlighting solar post cap lights is so unique such that you are only required to turn the switch once and for all. Apart from the operating switch, when these post lights are installed in an environment where the radiation of sunlight can reach the solar panels for up to about 8 hours, the batteries are sure to pick up at night and supply the needed power.

Availability of Batteries

GreenLighting solar post cap lights uses rechargeable battery that are charged automatically as the day breaks. The battery power is 1.2V, 900mAh and it’s very durable, so they can be used for a long period of time.

Use of Lights on Post

Although these cap lights are 5X5 inches, they are nevertheless can be used on other posts. The base is actually 5X5 inches, the wood post adapter is about 3.6X3.6 inches while the vinyl post adapter is about 4X4 inches. This offers versatility of use of the lights with respect to the posts. 


  • Using GreenLighting solar post cap light 5×5 in a shielded environment where sunlight cannot really penetrate may cause low efficiency of the lights
  • These post cap lights are not fit on the posts that are above the 5 X 5 inches dimension, so you may be required to get another lights if your posts are more than the aforementioned dimension. Likewise, posts with dimensions that are out of the range mentioned above are not fit for the lights.
  • There is a need to remove the base before the post lights can be fixed. Although this doesn’t require much manpower, it may be uninteresting for someone who wants to fix the lights on a high post.


Overall, the features of this GreenLighting solar post cap light are quite outstanding. You can see that the power mechanism is designed for easy use of the lights and also the fixing is made easy and it is required to be done once and for all. The fact that the battery can be recharged from the solar using the solar panel attached to the lights makes the post light exceptional.

As someone who desires a fantastic light that only provide security but also decorate the house or even the gardens or bed flowers, this post light is worth considering. As you can see that it doesn’t require an external source of power while it also doesn’t emit unwanted gas, the post light is a perfect fit for your own.

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