Gama Sonic GS-98B-W-WB Outdoor Solar Lights Reviews


Street lighting is essential in our modern life because it is one way of ensuring the security of our domiciles and our environment. Sometimes we may also need to spend some time outdoors during the night carrying some activities, and we will need light. What is the outdoor light lamp that you can install in your environment in 2020? Undoubtedly, Gama Sonic Royal Bulb Solar Wall Light GS-98B-W-WB is the best outdoor solar lamp you should buy in 2020.

The street lamp has excellent features that make to be the perfect option for many. You need read Gama Sonic GS-98B-W-WB outdoor solar lights reviews to understand about product.


1. Patent Solar Technology

The outdoor lamp uses solar energy to provide light. It is for this reason that the bulb is equipped with a solar patent technology. With this feature, the lamp can absorb the heat energy from the solar during the day and uses it to provide light at night. There is no use of electricity, and it does not need to be charged by being connected to a socket or any other mode of charging. Even when you look at the name of the bulb, it is called the Gama Sonic light bulb, which mainly uses the gamma rays from solar radiations. The solar patent technology has helped in improving the lifespan of the lamp to 10 years lifespan. It also creates 360 degrees light spread.
The new solar technology has also helped the bulb to give your landscape ample lightning. As if that is not enough, it also gives the lantern a traditional look because it resembles the ancient electrical light bulb.

2. Dusk To Dawn Automatic Lighting

Another unique feature of this amazing GS outdoor bulb is that it can light your yard automatically from dusk to dawn. This is a crucial feature as it does not need your presence or your operation for it to light. Even when you are far from your home, you do not have to worry about how you will put on the lights because the bulb will light automatically. The bulb has been designed to light from dawn to dusk automatically after its battery has been charged fully during the day. Therefore, for the lamp to operate effectively at night, it ought to have been charged by the solar to full. If it happens that the battery did not get enough direct solar energy and it is not charged to its capacity, then the bulb can still provide light overnight. It does so by switching to the LED brightness mode, which will extend its light during the night.

3. Classic Design

Gama Sonic GS-98B-W-WB outdoor solar lights reviews

The GS outdoor night bulb is equipped with classic designs that improve its aesthetics. The design has been approved to meet the modern efficiency standards making it one of the best outdoor lamps that you should have. The wall light is made of cast aluminum that sturdy and long-lasting. The aluminum cast is also helpful in preventing the lamp from getting corrosion and rust since it is exposed to the air. It also features the attractive designs of New Orleans street lamp architecture, which is enhanced by the powder and the bronze finish. This design gives the bulb a traditional look and serves as one way of decorating your landscape.

4. Powerful Battery

Another particular feature of the Gamma Sonic Light Bulb is the powerful battery. This is one of the vital factors that you should also consider while purchasing the bulb. The effectiveness of a bulb lies behind its battery. This bulb has got light fixtures, and each fixture is provided with an integrated lithium-ion battery pack. The battery pack is suitable for almost 1000 charges. Once the battery life exceeds, then you can change it by simply replacing it with another one. This new battery can last for the next three years. It is this powerful battery that contributes to the long life span of the GS outdoor lamp. The average lifespan of the bulb is ten years, which is equivalent to 50, 000 hours.

5. No Electrical Wiring

This bulb is different from the standard bulbs, which might need some electrical wiring during their installation. Gama Sonic outdoor night bulb does not require any wiring, making it an economical and energy-saving bulb that you ought to install in your yard. As I have mentioned earlier that the bulb uses solar energy to light the streets, and therefore it is not even gas engineered. All you need to do is install the bulb on a pole outside your home compound. However, you should ensure that the place where you will mount the lamp is where it will get direct sunshine.

Benefits of Using the Gama Sonic Royal Bulb Solar Wall Light

1. Long Life

It is one of the best lamps that you can install in your house because it lasts longer. Do not worry about paying more during the initial buying of the lamp because it can go for up to 15 years. However, its lifespan is ten years. You will not need to replace it regularly because it was designed to last longer.

2. Color Temperature

The Gama Sonic Royal outdoor light is available in both bright white and warm white temperatures. The default temperature of the bulb and its post is warm white light. However, you can replace the color temperature when you are in need of doing so. What you will have to do is just replacing the solar light bulb and not the entire post.

3. Weather Resistant And Durable

The material used in manufacturing the bulb is aluminum that is powder-coated to help the bulb revisits corrosion and rusting. The solar panels are also made of monocrystalline silicon that protects the lamp from harsh weather conditions and enhances durability. The glass is clean and tempered making, and it is also cleanable and sturdy.

4. Easy To Install

As stated earlier, there is no electrical wiring that is needed during the installation of the bulb. What you ought to do is look for a high spot, whether on top of a wall or erect a post where you will mount the lamp. The main point is to expose the bulb to direct sunshine, which is its primary source of energy.

5. Economical

I think this is the most economical and classic solar bulb that you should have in your yard. The battery lasts longer; therefore, there are no issues of replacing batteries regularly. No wiring is involved during installation. The bub provides you with light for free, so it will not affect your monthly electricity bills.

6. Automatic Operation

You do not have to bother yourself to go and switch on the lights when night falls; neither will you ever go and switch off the lights when its dawn. The bulb is equipped with an integrated photosensor, which helps the lamp to automatically turn on when it is dusk and turns off when morning comes in. When it is fully solar-charged, the royal light releases brightness of about 120 lumens throughout the night.


The Gama Sonic GS-98B-W-WB Royal Bulb Lamp Outdoor Solar Light Fixture, Wall Mount Sconce, Weathered Bronze is the best option for you who you want to brighten your yard during the night. It can also be used for streets in town, and it is the fit one considering that it does not use electricity. Forget about the hassles of turning on and turning off your external lights and install this automatic solar bulb. Enhance the security of your house and your compound by installing the Gama Sonic Royal Bulb Solar Wall Light GS-98B-W-WB. It will also help you conduct outdoor activities during the night without worries.

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