Solar Outdoor Garden Review: Solalite Hanging Tree Cornet Cone LED Lights

In this post, we’ll introduce you to a great solution for outdoor lighting – the Solalite Set of 6 Hanging Tree Cornet Cone LED Lights. But before brighten up your beloved house and garden with it, let’s take a look at our solar outdoor garden review.

Prominent Features of Solalite Set of 6 Hanging Tree Cornet Cone LED Lights

Set of Six

It comes with 6 hanging cornet cone lights that are enough for your whole garden or walkway setup. Plus, you’ll also save some money from buying wholesale instead of single lights.

100% Solar Energy

The package comes with unique hanging outdoor solar lights that will take advantage of the free and clean solar energy around you. Each solar panel is placed at the top to ensure maximized sunlight exposure. It’s a solid choice if you’re looking to build an energy-efficient house.

Durable LED Lights

This product uses LED lights instead of normal light bulbs, which will increase its durability as well as the average lifespan. Moreover, LED also use less energy so it’ll likely to have more lighting duration.

Small and Versatile

With the dimension of 18 x 10 cm and weight only 2.29 pounds, you can use the product for all kind of purpose. It could be a lighting solution on your patio or a unique decoration for the garden.


The top-mounted solar panel is protected by a transparent shield that allows it to gather sunlight while protecting it from any leakage. Moreover, the ice white shell also prevents any damage to the LED bulbs inside.

Fully Automated

This unique solar garden lamps will automatically recharge during the day and turn on at night. You only need to spend your time to set them up at the beginning. The sensor will also send a signal to the LED lights when the morning comes so it could turn off on its own and start recharging the battery.

Unique Design

The solar lights come with the attractive cornet cone design that is suitable for multiple outdoor lighting systems. You can hang them on various objects, such as fences, walls, or tree branches. On top of that, the opaque lens also enables a mystic white when glowing.

What We Like

Easy Installation

The fact that you only need a few hooks to be able to install these lights makes this deal sounds so tempting. You can hang them on anything and all it will take is some nails and a hammer (sometime you won’t even need nails). Just make sure you do it properly by using high-quality hooks. Straps and rope are also usable as long as they’re strong enough.

Hooks Included

We really appreciate the fact the manufacturer has also included stainless steel hooks along with the package. You can either use them for any type of cornet cone lights installation, plus, the quality is also good. They’re also easy to replace once you’ve purchased better ones in the future.

Great for Garden Landscaping

These solar lights are particularly excellent when it comes to design garden landscapes. They provide great flexibility since you can decorate them on multiple objects. Plus, their decent weatherproof allows you to let go of the weather elements when considering the installations. You can hang these lights on your trees or fences to give them different contrast, or line them up to make a walkway lighting system.

Ice White Lighting

The glowing lights deliver a festival atmosphere that makes your house look different (in a good way) from the others. It is also quite soothing and relaxing to look at. In fact, the brightness will be enough for lighting up the surrounding and it won’t dazzle your eyes.

No Wire Needed

The product use 100% solar energy to operate so there is no need for an additional power source. You can freely hang this outdoor solar light without worrying about the electricity line. We all know it could get really dangerous to have your normal light bulbs hanging on trees or fences since they could easily affect your entire home electric system. These light bulbs will work fine in most weather conditions.

Power Switch

I’m glad that the manufacturer hadn’t forgotten adding this feature. It’s really helpful, especially when you’re planning to travel or not going to use the lights for a long time. You can turn it off to save the energy and let the power panels rest for a while.

What We Don’t Like

Small Battery Capacity

Although it uses the energy-efficient LED bulbs, these lights come with trivial batteries. The 600mAp capacity is quite small, especially when compared to other solar lights which often feature 1000mAp+ capacity. If you’re leaving in areas with long nights, these will not be enough to light up until the next morning.

Quite Fragile

Keep in mind when installing this cornet cone LED lights as they’re not designed to withstand strong impacts. The lights could swing around during great winds or worse, hurricanes and storms, which makes it quite dangerous if they accidentally fall out and break. Although the advertisement said it’s weatherproof, you should not apply it in these situations.

No Additional Color

One thing that we wish they would change in the future is to add more color options for the package. Up until now, it only comes with the single Ice White color, which is quite nice but not enough to satisfy fastidious customers. Plus, it will also easier to apply fascinating landscape ideas to your gardens or patios.


It’s an innovative and clever design by putting the solar light inside a cornet cone shape. You can easily install these LED lights at most places with ease. Although it still lacks a few features, this product is worth the money and will guarantee to bring changes to your garden. Hope you find our solar outdoor garden review helpful. Thanks, and we’ll be seeing you in our future posts.







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